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creative lifestyle

Color is the central theme- we don't do prints or patterns, only solid clothing.

We offer timeless basics in vibrant and neutral colors as well as standout wearable art.

Solid, plain fashion tends to be more elegant and timeless. Our clothing work as a basic layer that you could style creatively. They are super versatile and easy to wear.

We do not follow trends, styles, or stereotypes surrounding skin color and body shape. Wear what you love, however you would like to wear it. Dressing up can be a powerful way to express your individuality.

Our lifestyle products are designed to be vibrant, colorful objects that you cherish. Things that can be thoughtful gifts, bring back memories or create new ones. Every new product, like our brand, is developed slowly and thoughtfully.

We are a small team of creators, designers, and dreamers. We come from varied backgrounds- design, art, music, fashion, illustration, human resources, etc. The diversity adds magic to the brand. Coloristry is a collaborative effort and it is fuelled by friendship.

We take pride in being a brand born and developed during the covid 19 pandemic.

The restraints of starting a project during a pandemic, the changes that came with it have also shaped the brand in a big way.

More artisans and vendors were becoming accessible remotely.

There was more time to dwell on doing things we loved. At a time where everything seemed so uncertain, Coloristry was our safe, positive space. We hope it’ll mean the same to you. 


We are a cooperative of diverse minds

The Collection


The merchandise is presented to you as small capsule collections, (15- 20) pieces at a time.

We create in small batches and craft customized pieces. This helps us reduce waste.  We produce our merchandise in collaboration with small family-owned businesses or artisans.

We will be posting new pieces on social media / or updating via mail.

However, if you happen to fall in love with any pieces from our archive, do let us know. We shall try our best to get the piece custom made for you.

Colourful fashion

Monochrome & Plain

Creative lifestyle

Vibrant, bold & bright

Sneha Prasad

Akila Mohan

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